Saturday, January 21, 2006
Stories of Myths, Legends and Parables

What does the onset of Spring What stories did you grow up on?
Is there a particular myth or legend that you feel most represents YOUR story?
Which characters and images from your own reservoir of stories do you most identify with today?

It has been said that stories are to the human experience what facts are to science. They are that essential. We build our identity and our culture on stories, and humankind has been creating stories for thousands of years to symbolize its deepest beliefs.

Ralph Thornton Centre
765 Queen Street East
2 Blocks East of Broadview on the South Side of Queen Street

Pay-What-You-Can, at the door
(suggested minimum, $15.00)
Light refreshments will be served.

Show begins at 8 pm.


Toronto Playback Theatre
20A Lavinia Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6S 3H7

Telephone: 416.537.9595
Fax: 416.761.7428


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