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Two nights only!!
Saturday, March 31 & Thursday, April 5, 2007

Special Playback Performances following
Erika Batdorf’s newest one-woman show
The Red Horse is Leaving

What was your experience of seeing The Red Horse is Leaving?
What stories of your own have been evoked by this piece of theatre?
What is your experience of inspiration and delusion?

The Red Horse is Leaving is based on the journals of Thaya Whitten, a Nova Scotian painter, performance artist and musician. The show travels through the dangerous territory of creative inspiration, sacrifice and clinical madness in the pursuit of artistic excellence and beauty.

Directed by Todd Hammond with dramaturgy by Iris Turcott, and charged by Erika Batdorf's poignant physicality, quirky dialogue and disarming humour, this production gives the audience an intimate view of someone who is plagued (or blessed) by visions and struggles to distinguish inspiration from delusion. Along this journey we watch an intensely painful and joyful battle with prescription drugs, addiction, isolation, and manic-depression in the pursuit of something truly beautiful.

Following the show, Toronto Playback Theatre will offer a special performance for you, the audience, to share your experience of seeing The Red Horse is Leaving. Playback Theatre is dedicated to creating a space for your own stories to be heard and enacted by a professional troupe of improvisational performers.

Join us to share your story, or just sit back, listen and watch.

Please click here for this show's official site.

The Great Hall Downstairs

(formerly The Theatre Centre)
1087 Queen Street West, At Dovercourt

Regular $20, Students, Seniors $15, Groups $10

Show begins at 8 pm.
Playback Theatre is presented as the second act.

To purchase tickets, please visit

Toronto Playback Theatre
20A Lavinia Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6S 3H7

Telephone: 416.537.9595
Fax: 416.761.7428


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